im so masochistic its terrible i cried while drawing this omg

based off this prompt that was sent to me by zackdoesart

But what if

If you weren’t an actor what would you be doing?
I think I’d make toys. Yeah, I always loved that movie Big where he works for the toy company!

"If a girl’s hair looks like it smells good, then I start thinking what it would be like to bury my face in it.(…) I always look at a girl’s shoes. And if they’re heels, I wonder how she would look if she was wearing just those."


I love the expressions here - like he can’t decide whether to be nervous or excited or just in awe of the whole thing. And in that last pic, he’s just so damned adorable. Sebastian Stan - always making me smile, except when he’s making me cry.

Bucky Barnes (◡‿◡✿)


Sebastian Stan Edits - 25~29/?

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Premiere LA - 13th March 2014

The Winter Soldier wears a mask for most of the film, which made it difficult for me to convey emotions. But it also kind of helped in a way. I felt when I was looking at myself in the mirror that I couldn’t recognize myself at all.

Happy 33th birthday (13th June, 1981) Chris Evans, you meatball!

❝I know you were a bit hesitant to sign on with this Marvel deal at first, now you’re three films in. How do you feel about it now?

Best decision of my life. I really, really would have been kicking myself if I hadn’t done these movies. They’re great, great. They have afforded me a million of different opportunities and best of all they’re good movies. Movies I’m proud of. It would be a bit of a nightmare if I really didn’t like the product.